Exterior Building, Lighting, & Pressure Washing Services


Pressure Washing Exterior Lighting Awning & Sign Maintenance
   Holiday Lighting Ceiling Cleaning

Exterior maintenance is important for any commercial or residential structure. The condition of the outside of a building will directly affect its overall resale value making it one of the most important aspects of building maintenance.

We offer extensive exterior building services to restore, maintain, and increase your property value.  It’s our goal at A Brighter Image to enhance the value of your investment with regular maintenance and cost-effective improvements.

Our service base includes:

  • Commercial – building exteriors soft wash, high pressure concrete cleaning, high and low bay lighting, re-lamp and lighting retrofits, awning and sign maintenance, aerial cleaning, interior ceiling restoration, graffiti removal, awning cleaning and preservation, signs, parking lots and more.
  • Fleet – fleet trucks, buses, vans, RVs, motorcycles, railroad cars, ships, boats, ports, marinas, bridges, tunnels, parking garages and more.
  • Construction – stain removal, chemical stains, mortar tag removal, ice removal and more.
  • Industrial – factory floors, roofs, tanks, towers, stacks, mold and mildew removal, algae buildup, rust stains, grease, oil, and more
  • Residential – home exteriors, awnings, roofs, concrete and decking

At A Brighter Image, our years of experience enable us to handle all sizes of projects from large campus environments to standalone commercial and residential properties.

Contact us now for an estimate from Minnesota’s premier exterior maintenance and cleaning specialists.