Awning Maintenance, Pressure Washing, & Roof Cleaning Services

Minnesota Awning Maintenance Contractors

Exterior maintenance is important for any home or business. The condition of the outside of a building will directly affect its overall resale value making it one of the most important aspects of building maintenance.

We offer complete awning maintenance from awning cleaning and sealing to small repairs and re-coloring. Find out why we are the area’s number one residential and commercial pressure washing company.

I have had our awnings cleaned annually by A Brighter Image for about the last 12 years. The service they provide makes the awnings look so much better and stays looking clean, fresh, and new looking much longer. They have been able to remove the dark streaks that come from the weathering process of the awning, and make it clean and bright again.

Our first awning was installed in 1990 and the company that built it told me it would last about 10 years. After about 4 years it started to look dark and dirty. A Brighter Image cleaned and sealed it annually from then on and the fabric has lasted 17 years and still looks good.

We also specialize in commercial property management services such as cleaning dumpster pads, sidewalks, graffiti removal, and large building cleaning services for townhomes, condominiums, apartments, and HOA’s.

Services We Offer


  • Commercial – retail plazas, apartment complexes, stadiums, restaurants, building exteriors, graffiti removal, awnings, signs, parking lots and more.
  • Residential – home exteriors, decks, patio furniture, roofs, driveways, sidewalks, fences, awnings, ice dam removal, roof raking and more.
  • Fleet – fleet trucks, buses, vans, RVs, motorcycles, railroad cars, ships, boats, ports, marinas, bridges, tunnels, parking garages and more.
  • Construction – paint preparation, stain removal, chemical stains, mortar tag removal, ice removal and more.
  • Industrial – factory floors, roofs, tanks, towers, stacks, mold and mildew removal, algae buildup, rust stains, grease, oil, and more.

At A Brighter Image, we provide both commercial cleaning services and residential exterior cleaning to help meet your needs. Our years of experience enable us to handle all sizes of projects from large roof cleaning and building cleaning to concrete and exterior house cleaning.

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