Residential Awning Maintenance

Minneapolis Awning Maintenance Services – Cleaning, Sealing, Repairs

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Awnings are a beautiful addition to any building. They provide shade, weather protection, and a splash of color.

An awning is subject to a large range of conditions that affects its appearance and longevity. Industrial fabric manufacturers suggest regular awning cleaning to maintain that fresh and inviting look. Often the manufacturers require regular awning cleanings to maintain the warranty.

We have been providing awning maintenance since 1995 and clean thousands of awnings each year. We can suggest a regular maintenance schedule that will keep your awnings looking great for many years to come.

Our maintenance and awning cleaning services include small repairs, re-coloring, scheduled cleanings, and awning sealing. Set up an appointment today with the area’s premier awning maintenance company.


“Not only did they clean our awnings, they repaired the holes in some of them too! They made the outside of our home look beautiful again.” -Resident


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