Ceiling Cleaning


Ceiling Cleaning


An essential but often overlooked section of a commercial space is the ceiling.  This area can go unaddressed for years, allowing for undesirable buildup that can make your space seem dark, dirty, musty, and generally dingy:

  • Soot deposits around and on vents
  • Dull or dirty diffusers, and dusty or clogged air grills
  • Water-stained, heavily soiled, saggy or broken tiles
  • Yellowed, stained, or greasy ceiling surfaces
  • Dust on overhead piping, ledges, bulkheads, signage, etc.

At A Brighter Image, we’re dedicated to making your overhead interior healthy, shiny, bright and clean.  We have a tried and tested method to make your exposed or acoustic tile ceilings spotless.  Let us clean away years of buildup and leave your business looking like new!

Vents before being treated

Vents after being treated

Restaurant ceilings being treated

Bakery ceilings being treated